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Endless Hot Pursuit

Players take on the role of a professional thief in the game Endless Hot Pursuit. Your mission is to escape from the searching police and collect money along the way.

Avoid collisions with other cars.

  • You can also collect weapons to fight them again.
  • Practice drifting, acceleration, and fast-turning skills at dangerous turns.
  • Cameras and barriers are some obstacles that create danger for you.

How to play Endless Hot Pursuit

  • Use the mouse to click "GO".
  • Use the arrow keys or A/D to move left or right.


  • 3D space is realistic and easy to observe.
  • The sound lures you to speed up.
  • Free on iOS, Android, and more.

An ideal race is when you have to fight alone against many different opponents. React at the right time to avoid causing damage, and continue your journey to the game Healing Driver.

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