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Monkey Mart

Immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere of the Monkey Mart game to manage, buy, and sell food items. You play as a manager with many tasks, such as opening the door, arranging items, cashiering, and expanding the store.

Monkey's mission:

  • Move around the area to collect coins, unlock plots of land, and plant trees.
  • Fertilize them regularly to harvest and arrange them in your booth.
  • Expand other products such as corn, chocolate, peanuts, etc. Then you will have a stable and gradually increasing source of income.
  • Use arrow keys to control monkey moving

Developing a winning strategy in the game Monkey Mart:

  • Upgrade levels.
  • Focus on expanding land for planting and harvesting.
  • Use money to exchange for necessary tools such as hats and bow ties of many different shapes.

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