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Knight Rider

Knight Rider is a completely new experience of controlling a motorbike across terrain, combined with physical elements to increase challenges for players. Explore the city at night and conquer the stars, collecting coins on the track.

Challenges occur when there are unexpected curves or sharp turns. Players need to control themselves skillfully and keep a safe speed to be able to pass.
It seems that the atmosphere combined with realistic sound will make players more scary but it is very suitable for Halloween.

How to play Knight Rider:

  • Use the up arrow key to accelerate.
  • Use the left arrow to lift the head or click the right arrow to lift the rear wheel.
  • Or the player can use the mouse to click on the gas or brake on the screen.

The game adapts across platforms and is free when you play on a PC or smartphone. Experience more ideal racing tracks in the game BoxRob 3.

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