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Rapid Rush

Rapid Rush is a driving game on an endless track at breakneck speed that requires players to keep their balance. The elevated highway offers a new experience of speed and flexible use of drifts.
Your goal is to stay on the platform for as long as possible and avoid falling off the edge.

How to play:

  • Simple one-click control mechanism.
  • Release the mouse to return to the straight line.
  • Don't forget to collect coins on the track to exchange for loot.

Rapid Rush Features:

  • Sharp background.
  • Vivid sound attracts players to the race.
  • Opportunity to unlock and own many valuable items, such as cars, kids or tanks.
  • Players can start over immediately after falling into a deep.

Experience the feeling of racing on the highway and leveling up in the game Retro Highway. This is the best way you can practice your driving skills and avoid collisions.

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