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Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami is a game about racing against zombies on the streets with a mission to survive and rescue friends. Run across every platform with a companion, continuing to transform to increase the number of teammates.

How to play Zombie Tsunami Online:

  • Click a mouse for zombies to jump over all obstacles, such as bombs, cars, helicopters or unexpected traps.
  • Coordinate observation, hand control and speed to react quickly and survive the longest.


  • Play 300 missions in 11 different sets.
  • Rich play spaces range from the city to the beach to the moon.
  • Collect thousands of trophies and brains to unlock gadgets.
  • Fun and relaxing game for all ages.

The Zombie Tsunami game trains and develops the player's reflexes and adaptation abilities in dangerous environments.
While players can experience many game genres, Drifting, Racing, Rapid Rush and more.

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